Non-Profit Organizations

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As a non-profit organization, the IRS has specific reporting requirements that must be met each and every year in order to continue to qualify for tax-exempt status. This includes submitting Form 990 and its relations, including a number of specific items such as:

  • An Income Statement providing category breakdowns on donations, salaries paid, rent, postage and more. Revenues and expenses also need to be broken down in detail.

  • A Balance Sheet that accounts for cash, accounts payable and accounts receivable and more.

  • A Functional Expense Statement that provides information on all expenses related to fundraising, program services provided and general operations.

  • An Individual Program Expense Statement spelling out each program or service’s expenses, including any mailings that are sent out or educational programs that have been held.

  • Detailed Revenue Support Schedules providing information on the sources from which the organization gets its income, including a breakdown of specific category revenues for membership fees, donations, investment revenue and the like. 

In addition to preparing these important support documents, we are also able to provide you with business services specifically designed for the needs of tax-exempt organizations.  

Our services include: 

  • The preparation and review of financial statements for the organization

  • Payroll preparation on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule.

  • Preparation of Payroll Taxes, as well as setting up deposits.

  • Bookkeeping training on the accounting system for your staff.

  • Preparation and filing of all non-profit status paperwork and applications.

  • Special training for your advisory board regarding how to properly use non-profit financial statements, as well as budgeting for non-profit expenses.

  • Preparation and submission of all tax forms, including the 990 and 990T forms.

  • Preparation of all incorporation documentation, as well as all other paperwork required for non-profit startups, including federal employee identification number and payroll set up.

For those individuals who are creating new non-profit organizations, we are able to help with you all of the documentation required as part of the 501 (c)(3) application, including the Articles of Incorporation containing the Exempt Purpose as described in the IRS code and defined in Treasure Regulation 1.501(c)(3)-1 Paragraph d and the Dissolution Statement described in Treasury Regulation 1.501(c)(3)-1 Paragraph b subparagraph 4 (“Organizational Test”).

In addition, we can help you with all other requirements, including: 

  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number

  • A complete inventory of assets

  • A complete inventory of liabilities

  • Revenue and Expense Statements for the prior four years, or if  the organization hasn’t existed for four years for as long as the organization has been in existence.

  • Written reason for Formation and History of the organization

  • Mission Statement or Statement of Faith or Belief

  • Activities, operations and program documentation, including statement of purpose, fundraisers, pamphlets, etc.

  • Financial Support Documentation, including accounting of revenue including tithes, contributions, fundraisers, etc.

  • Preparation of IRS Processing/Filing Fee

SPC CPAs & Associates, LLC has extensive experience in assisting with the preparation and assembly of all of the necessary documents and can help with all phases of non-profit accounting. 

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